Discover How to Overcome Crisis &
Once Again Take Your Place as a
Positive Force in the Universe!

workshop-imgAre you experiencing anxiety or depression … or are you feeling “stuck” … after having experienced a devastating crisis, divorce, separation, bankruptcy, disablement or major life disappointment?

Are you beginning to question if you are ever going to be able to recover from the trauma you experienced?

Does it all seem like too much and you wish you could bury your head in the sand and tell the world to go away and leave you alone?

Do you want to break that terrible sense of helplessness that you feel and re-empower yourself to live life to the absolute fullest?

Well, if you answered yes to any of the above questions then our Inspiration for Survive and Prosper Workshop was designed for you.

It All Starts With a Respectful, Loving Atmosphere …

Over the course of our 3-day workshop you will be welcomed and loved and you will experience what it feels like to be very important in the world.  Here’s more of what you can expect at this special event:

  • You will participate in personal and group self-development work and you will learn once again, or maybe for the first time, how to connect with yourself and the world from a place of wholeness and enthusiasm.
  • You will develop advanced coping strategies for how to survive well after a disaster and how to be the strongest survivor you can be under any circumstances
  • You will experience being the hero of your own life story – and you will support others in their journey
  • And then you will undergo a transformational ceremony supported by so many other people who have developed a bond of expectation that you will become a different person in the future

Sounds exciting and life-changing? Well, it is!

Not only do you learn to recover from your current crisis or trauma, you learn skills to be able to do this any time life deals you a challenging hand.

Take a Closer Look at What You Will Learn
at This Powerful Workshop:

  • How to train your mind fast to be the most adaptable person you can be at any moment in the future!
  • How to approach life in a prosperous way no matter what your circumstances!
  • How to gain and keep control of your mind so it can give you the life you want!
  • How to give and receive love at an accelerated pace!
  • How to finally break free from the cycle of wasting time suffering and going around and around in circles, hopelessly getting nowhere
  • How to recover fast from disasters and crises
  • How to develop the skills you need to get back up after a trauma and start rebuilding your life in a new and rewarding way
  • How to transform your personality to become part of the top 1% of survivors capable of dealing with even the most severe trauma
  • How to develop the life skills to change direction fast when necessary
  • How to manage crises better in the future – you’ll learn when trauma occurs how to clear your mind, think on your feet and act positively and decisively
  • How to recover from any situation, transform fast and become the person that the moment requires
  • And much, much more

You’ll Leave the Workshop with a New Confidence
You Can Use to Prosper Well in the Future

Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, a doctor of clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapist and counsellor, has helped thousands of people deal with trauma and she will help you as well. She survived a childhood of abandonment and homelessness and went on to live a life of prosper. In other words, she walks her talk. She created the Inspiration for Survive and Prosper program after being plunged into Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in 2012 at the age of 57.

Dr O’Keefe uses methods that are based on sound research and years of experience. She and her team will also provide you with constant coaching and motivation so that your urge to engage with life is reborn and you begin to prosper in every area of your life – professionally, personally, with your partner, with family, with friends and much more.

After the Inspiration for Survive and Prosper
Workshop You Will Never be the Same Again!

The workshop includes:

  • Three 8-hour days with break times scheduled throughout the day
  • Workbooks that will transform into valuable references once the workshop is over
  • In-depth, personal attention from specialists who will teach you to train your mind to be dynamic and focused
  • Demonstrations from Dr Tracie O’Keefe who will work with individuals live
  • Participation in both group work and individual work

Here’s the 3-day overview:

Day 1: How to Be a Great Survivor

Session 1

Exploring Your Personal Story
Utilising the Power of Group Support

Session 2

Examine Your Personal State
Changing Your Emotional State
Committing to a Life Change

Session 3

Assertively Managing Your Crisis
Taking Stock of Your Situation
Exploring Your Assets

Session 4

Learning Global Perspectives
Working Your Survival Plan
Powerfully Helping Yourself

Day 2: The Power of Transformation

Session 1

The Decision to Transform
Acceptance of the Story
Changing Your beliefs by Crossing the Bridge

Session 2

Willingness to Change
Taking Risks
Using Maslow’s Pyramid

Session 3

Healing Time
Letting of the Past
Relighting Your Spirit

Session 4

Owning Your Strength
Burying the Past
Transformation Ceremony and Celebration

Day 3: Living in the State of Prosper

Session 1

Owning Your Prosper
Creating Your Roadmaps
Ultimate Adaptability

Session 2

Learning to Trust Again
Creating Enthusiasm for Life
Positive Strategies for Prosper

Session 3

Accelerated Recovery and Focusing Your Mind
Breaking Down Roadblocks
Envisioning Your Dream

Session 4

The Physical State of Prosper
Mindfulness in Your Success
Where You Take Your Prosper NOW!

Achieve Positive Personal Transformation
in Just 3 Days!

At the Inspiration for Survive and Prosper Workshop, you’ll have live experts guiding you, interacting with you and showing you different methods you can use to deal with trauma and reclaim your life.

There’s never been a faster, easier, more powerful way to learn how to learn how to survive, transform and prosper.

Here is Our Upcoming Workshop Schedule:

SYDNEY: 21 – 23 February 2014
London, New York, Los Angeles … will be announced later.

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Our workshops cost $1,497 – a price that gives you direct access to Dr O’Keefe and the specialists and resources you need to undergo real change and improve your life dramatically.

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Money-Back Guarantee!

money-backSign up for one of our Inspiration for Survive and Prosper Workshops and if by lunchtime on the first day of the workshop you decide it is not right for you, simply notify us that day and we will refund your purchase price.

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