Acclaimed Therapist Reveals the Keys to Fast Recovery From Crisis in Powerful New Book!

the-bookWith experts saying that 60% of men and 50% of women will experience at least one trauma during their lifetime (source: US Dept. Of Veterans Affairs) the question really isn’t will trauma happen to you … but rather what are you going to do if it does?

In her new book, Inspiration for Survive and Prosper, Dr. Tracie O’Keefe DCH, a doctor of clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapist, counsellor and coach, who has helped more than 20,000 people face to face in her clinics overcome crisis FAST, reveals what it takes to survive well after disaster, transform from the past and create the skills to prosper in the future.

“I Have Learned to be a Survivor …”

Dr O’Keefe has experienced abandonment, abuse, a medical condition that at times threatened her life, and the loss of the love of her life but through it all she has learned to survive, transform and prosper.

You can do it, too, with this book as your guide.

You’ll learn:

  • How to recover fast, no matter how serious the crisis you experienced
  • How to make the transformation from survival-thinking to prosper-thinking
  • How to move beyond your crisis to start living an even more rewarding life
  • How to get over feelings of anxiety, depression and of being stuck and put yourself squarely on the fast track to a better life
  • How to heal the emotional wounds that are holding you back from the satisfying life you deserve
  • How to build the solid foundation you need to deal with life and stressful events more effectively
  • How to ensure your trauma becomes something that happened to you and not something that defines you
  • How to become resilient in the face of adversity
  • How to start coping with stress in a more healthy manner
  • How to become resourceful and develop good problem-solving skills
  • How to reconnect with those who are important in your life
  • How to develop an identity as a survivor and not a victim
  • How to find positive meaning in life after whatever trauma you experienced
  • Plus, you’ll gain inspiration from Dr O’Keefe’s own personal story and how she overcame numerous obstacles, including childhood abuse, abandonment, growing up in poverty, a medical condition that at times threatened her life and little formal education, yet went on to become a highly successful therapist, coach, business woman and public speaker and to live a prosperous life.

Take a Look at What Others Are Saying
About This Amazing Book:

“Tracie O’Keefe is a true force of nature and in her latest book Inspiration for Survive and Prosper she has given the world a precious and life-saving gift. Her utterly compelling life journey has clearly paved the way to a depth of insight and raw honesty which is at times quite arresting. She describes herself as a simple and practical person. This humility, together with a profound understanding of the kind of help people actually need, has produced an effective step-by-step process for personal recovery and transformation. Tracie says that ‘we are art in action’ and if this is the case then she’d have to be up there with the Mona Lisa or Venus de Milo. All is not lost while we have such women of courage, generosity and intelligence to guide and inspire us. She’s quite simply the perfect teacher.”

– Matthew Kalitowski

Matthew Kalitowski

“Based on the extraordinary life of a most courageous woman, this book is all the more interesting as Tracie has many years of experience as a mental health and natural health professional. Having specialist knowledge in the mental and physical areas, Tracie approaches trauma from both the psychological and physical aspects. The book is a handbook on life, especially for anybody in trauma.”

- Leon Cowen
Executive Director
Academy of Applied Hypnosis, Sydney

Leon Cowen

“I always find it a good idea to approach a self-help book with an attitude of ‘Take what you like and leave the rest’, and I am happy to say I found a lot to like in Tracie O’Keefe’s book. Tracie has written a practical self-help manual which will be inspiring for anyone in recovery from trauma. In letting us in to her life story she openly demonstrates that she not only talks the talk but she very definitely walks the walk. If you are feeling lost, in this book you will find useful, practical, and compassionate insight and guidance.”

- Gabrielle Hewison
Medal of the Order of Australia for services to the community
Retired owner of The Feminist Bookshop

Gabrielle Hewison

“Inspiration for Survive and Prosper is an extraordinary gift given to us by an extraordinary woman. Tracie spells out in the most simplistic of ways how anyone with trauma history can utilize tools to move out of the ‘survival’ mode and get to a place of ‘prosper’. There are many ‘How to’ books on the market written by some amazing, enlightened professionals.This book is one of the greatest books I have seen in a while to do life’s internal work.”

- Rosalyne Blumenstein LCSW-ACHP-SW
Clinical Social Worker
California, author of Branded

Rosalyne Blumenstein

“Tracie O’Keefe draws from real life stories and the experiences of others to skillfully guide readers through highly accessible therapeutic strategies towards a greater sense of wellbeing and confidence. From her own observations, specialised training and personal achievements, she has gifted readers with a reliable resource that supports the need to keep changing and growing. I’m well aware there are a lot of self-help books available. What makes this one stand apart is the compassionate intelligence of a true survivor. Tracie gives us hope – there is an ‘over the rainbow’. We can journey there from disaster to triumph, and this book shows us how.”

- Georgina Abrahams
Crisis Counsellor

Georgina Abrahams


Ready to Start Writing Your Own
Success Story?

Then order Inspiration for Survive and Prosper today. You’ll pay only $8.97 (e-book) or $25 (print book) for expert advice and tips that will help you get over trauma and reclaim your life.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that if you do nothing, one day miraculously things will just get better. It doesn’t work like that.

You need guidance and insight like that provided in this book if you truly want to recover from trauma and start living a happy, prosperous, rewarding life.

Get Your Roadmap Beyond Life’s Disasters …

Inspiration for Survive and Prosper gives you the quick simple steps you need to survive, transform and prosper.

Along the way, Dr O’Keefe will challenge you, provoke you and engage and guide your thought processes so that you emerge from this journey with much more control over your thoughts, behaviours, emotions, life and fate.

The book also includes exercises for you to do that will ensure that you continue making fast progress and stay on track to recovery.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to overcome trauma and regain your life. You can do it, let Inspiration for Survive and Prosper show you how.