Inspiration for Survive and Prosper is a fast pathway developed by Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, who is an internationally recognised specialist in helping people overcome crisis and trauma.

It does not matter what kind of crisis you have experienced, whether it is divorce, loss of the love of your life, loss of your family, bankruptcy, suffered abuse, the loss of a limb or a major life disappointment, the express pathway for recovery is the same.

Tracie, a doctor of clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapist and counsellor, has worked for decades as a therapist/coach, helping thousands of people to overcome the worst times in their lives. She is no stranger to crisis and trauma herself: she was abandoned as a child and left to survive in a series of institutions with no formal education, yet she went on to put herself through college and university to become a highly successful qualified and registered natural medicine practitioner, mental health professional, coach and business woman.

You can experience Inspiration for Survive and Prosper in a series of different ways:

The beauty of this pathway is that its delivery is so flexible that wherever you are in the world you can get help to overcome your disasters, traumas and crisis fast.

So many people spend so much of their lives wasting time suffering from the crisis they have experienced, long after its expiry date. The after-effects go on for years and stop them going forward and fully engaging with life once again. If this is you, your time has come.

Here at last is the help that you need to get on with your life and leave that crisis behind you.

If you have just encountered a disaster and are wondering how you are going to cope and what you need to do to survive the situation, this pathway is for you.

Take the shortcut and learn from the expert who has devised a way to help you survive after the terrible event you encountered and then go on to prosper.

Maybe you have been stuck in survival for a long time and life has just been so hard since that terrible thing happened to you. Perhaps you never got back your mojo and feel you are a shadow of the person you used to be before your crisis.

Well, this is your chance to break out of the echoes of that disaster and start to live a wonderful life once again.

It took a team of dedicated people and many thousands of hours of Tracie’s experience to get this pathway to the market so it could help you.

Inspiration for Survive and Prosper uses a collection of therapeutic and coaching techniques including cognitive behavioural change, self-analysis, hypnosis, emotional change therapy, narrative therapy and much more.

Bringing it all together under Tracie’s creativity, expertise and guidance has resulted in a way for you to recover from your disasters fast.

“In 2012, I suffered a crisis. I found myself suffering Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, triggered by the previously buried childhood memories. I never in a million years expected me, an experienced therapist, to encounter this. I knew I was in deep trouble.”

“Helping people recover from crisis fast is one of my specialties, so I put together a whole host of therapeutic and coaching techniques I’ve used over many years and developed the Inspiration for Survive and Prosper program to help get my own life back on course.”

“The process was so successful that I knew I had to bring the program to help as many people as I could who have suffered crisis or trauma in their lives.”

- Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH

More about Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND

Tracie O’Keefe is a qualified and registered clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, counsellor, mental health professional and trainer, working from a naturopathic perspective in Sydney, Australia. She has been a family and couples therapist, a sex therapist and addictions therapist for many years.

She trained at a post-graduate level with the National School of Hypnosis and Advanced Psychotherapy in London, UK (UKCP-recognised school). Her degree and doctorate were earned at the American Institute of Hypnotherapy in the US and issued in co-ordination with the Bureau for Private Post-Secondary and Vocational Education in California (School no. 3004761).

Tracie is also a qualified and registered naturopath and medical herbalist, who trained in nutritional medicine with the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences (DET Federally recognised) and holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences Degree in Complementary Medicine from Charles Sturt University.

She is the author and/or editor of 7 books whose work has been reviewed in several international academic publications, including the European Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, The Psychotherapist, Journal of Sex Research and the American Journal of Psychiatry. Tracie also has a chapter in the book Women and Depression (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010) and is a regular commentator for mainstream media. Between 2001 and 2009 she was the founder and editorial director for Hypnosis Australia Online Journal for professional hypnotherapists.

An engaging speaker, Tracie has spoken and lectured at conferences at Oxford University, Manchester University, the London School of Economics, University of Liverpool, University of Plymouth, University of Sussex, University of Southampton, University of Glasgow, University of Nottingham, University of Newcastle, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, and Conway Hall in the UK, and at the University of Toulouse in France. Before coming to Australia, Tracie practised for many years at the London Medical Centre, Harley Street, in the UK.

For more than 30 years, she has been helping people to empower themselves and achieve their goals through hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, counselling, sex therapy, past life therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, marriage and relationship counselling, family therapy, drug and alcohol counselling, life coaching and business coaching.

Tracie is the director of the Australian Health & Education Centre.

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