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  • Recover fast from a traumatic event
  • Develop skills to deal with extreme
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  • Go from survival-thinking to prosper-thinking
  • Available as an online program, powerful
    3-day workshop and book
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Sometimes in life we find ourselves in a crisis or suffering from a major disappointment.

Whether the situation has come about by fate or bad luck or as a result of our own actions, it can be a shocking and often terrifying experience.

Then once the initial shock has worn off, we are left to clear up the disaster that has befallen us. The fallout from what happened can last for years and many people never recover.

These people linger in survival mode for many years, and sometimes for their lifetime, living a life of torment, extended pain and suffering following the disaster.

They are unable to move on with their lives and are never able to prosper again.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Here at Inspiration for Survive and Prosper, we’ve developed a comprehensive, easy-to-follow program that’s designed to help you resolve a painful experience and go on to live a fully rewarding life.

The program was created by Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, doctor of clinical hypnotherapy and internationally renowned therapist/coach, and is available as an online program, 3-day live workshop and book.

As a child, Dr O’Keefe was abandoned, yet she went on as an adult to become a highly successful therapist/coach, teacher, researcher, public speaker and business woman.

Over the course of her career, she has become a specialist in helping people recover fast from the traumas, crises and disasters in their lives. In fact, she has helped over 20,000 people face to face in her clinics.

Dr O’Keefe created Inspiration for Survive and Prosper to help you and those like you get over the crises, disasters, traumas, divorce, separation, bankruptcy, grief, disablement and major disappointments you may have experienced.

“The process I’ve developed shaves years off your personal recovery and transformation process. Life is precious and we can’t afford to waste one minute of it. This program is designed to help you recover fast from your crisis and go on to live a rewarding life.”

- Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH

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Claim your FREE 5-part video series: 5 Ways to Recover from a Crisis Fast